It is indeed a sad day.... is no more :(

To all of my loyal followers, bookmarkers and supporters,

It is with regret today that I inform you all that after a decade-long run, I have made the tough decision to shutter

This is not a decision I took lightly, or made hastily. However, I have come to accept that has simply been eclipsed by the countless, amazing weather tools that have been introduced and vastly improved over the years, resulting in a steady decline in viewership here. As much as I would love to advance the site to keep up, I simply do not have time to afford this aspiration.

I genuinely want to thank all of the indiviuals who have reached to me over the years to offer their kudos and constructive feedback (and notifying me when the images were stale!). It was you who I had built and supported this site for, and so I did not want to pass up on the opportunity to acknowledge and thank you here. Having you as company on this great ride was appreciated, truly.

Best regards,

Ray Jameson
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